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Introducing a revolutionary new penis stroker with suction technology that delivers mind-blowing orgasms. With brand new Accumulation Technology, The Perfect Stroke creates a unique sensation that sucks and strokes with the most life-like feeling possible. Experience the ecstasy of not only being stroked by an incredibly realistic mouth channel, but also being gently pulled and sucked by groundbreaking new vacuum technology! Men who have tried it agree that The Perfect Stroke delivers a never-before-felt full body orgasm.


Use with Perfect Stroke lube and cleaner for best results and longevity of your stroker. Rinse with warm water after washing.

Unique Sleeve Design

Each Perfect Stroke sleeve design has a unique textured channel to mimic an unforgettable life-like experience:

  • Vaginal – Mini Lotus texture design delivers realistic vaginal sensation, while the massage beads and rings in the tight canal pull you in deep.
  •  Oral – A helix-shaped pocket and suction pearls ‘swallow’ and stimulate simultaneously, while “love loops” pull you deep into a tight canal that mimics throat walls.
  • Anal – Texture “waves” create a super tight realistic anal sensation, while “love beads” along the spiraled chamber pull the penis in with a ‘vortex’ feel. Our focus groups have told us that this anal chamber is the most realistic they’ve ever felt.
Patented Accumulation Technology ™

This new technology allows men to start with a hard or flaccid penis. There’s no need to ‘get ready’ or prime first, as the vacuum suction sucks and strokes, actually pulling the penis in, stroking it and repeating this action with an extremely life-life feeling. Whether you choose the oral, vaginal or anal entry designs, the revolutionary technology delivers a full body orgasm, hard or soft! This unique technology allows men to increase their sexual stamina with repeated use.

No-Hassle Cleaning

Zero Tolerance has been manufacturing masturbator toy cleaner for years, and has the technology down. Simply spray or ‘foam’ your sleeve, getting the cleaner into all the nooks and crannies, then rinse with warm water. Cleaning your toys couldn’t be easier with the disinfecting, specially formulated cleaners from ZT.

Get More

The Perfect Stroke experience includes three different sensations – oral, anal and vaginal. We encourage you to try them all, as each stroker is equipped with specially formulated channels that mimic each sex act. You may also be interested to know that you can use the Perfect stroke sleeves without the pump, as they work beautifully all on their own to bring you to a full body orgasm.

And don’t forget to get the benefit of Zero Tolerance’s lubricant research and development. ZT has a full line of lubes made specifically for masturbators, with cooling, warming, original formula and much more. Check here for a full line of ZT masturbator lubes.